Libraries, Learning, Reading: Access and Opportunity for Children and Young People

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How to make children love reading

You must remember that awesome feeling you use to have in your childhood, when you were reading the fairytales you received from your parents. The beginnings are not easy, so is with making your children love reading but the results are remarkable. The process is quite sensitive as in your attempt to support them reading, you might end up with the opposite effect. However, with patience and some simple techniques, you can manage to make them like it.

The best tips to make them love reading

First of all it is important to make them curious about a certain book. Maybe you can tell them a bit about the summary, some important facts for which you doní»t know the end. This will make them want to read the book so that they find out the whole story. Another way of making them appreciate books is to read yourself the books you like because when they are very young, kids tend to imitate you in everything. Give an example to them in order to make them discover this beautiful world of reading.

Instead of buying them one of the latest video game, try to surprise them with books about their favorite subjects.

Try to find out what they are interested in, thereafter find the most appropriate books. It is important to choose small books, with some images and a nice cover that will attract them. It is important to make them taste reading, so to say, and they will undoubtedly develop a passion for books.

To conclude, determine your children to love reading by knowing very well their interests or by making them curious about a certain book. You will see that in a short time, your involvement in building his love for reading will be diminished and maybe even at all required as the is developed an inner desire to explore the interesting world of books.